Revealing the secrets of common names in Britain and Ireland

United Kingdom’s Great Britain and Ireland has more than a couple of common surnames, and this might look just as the case of having surnames as like any other Western countries. However, this has more to it as a team of the University of West of England, situated in Bristol, has come up with a thorough research of 4 years on the scale of linguistic’s origin and history. There is an estimated figure of about 45,000 surnames alone in Britain and Ireland.

The research, as per one of the renowned fellows, Professor Coates have assured on the authenticity of the results and has assured of using the best forms of evidence and technologies in assuring the most up-to-date results. As per Mr. Coates, they have paid an extra attention in cases of associating people in certain locations to a family with the name. It is widely known that the name of a person or an object always played an important role, but you should not rely only on the name. For example, if you are a game lover and want to have some fun, you should choose an online casino not only by famous name but also on various reviews, which you can find on a useful sources like ValleyGames.

Some Common Names

  • Smith: Around half a million people in Great Britain have this name, is perhaps the most common and holds the number-one position. The origin of the name is in the 12th century, given to persons working with metal like a blacksmith.
  • Jones: Jones occupies the second rank, has over 400,000 people with the name, and has an origin during the 18th
  • Williams: Williams occupies the third place with close to 300,000 people with the name. The name is considered as a variant of William.
  • Taylor: Taylor occupies the fourth place having close to 250,000 people with the name. The origin of the name can be traced from the Middle English, suggesting a name to the people of a profession of a tailor.

In addition to above, Davies, Brown, Wilson, Evans, Thomas, Johnson, and Roberts are also quite common names in the UK.

A Tale of Numbers:

A statistic was brought down by the researchers, which concluded some important number games related to surnames and the usage of the same in different locations.

  • Around 20,000 surnames are considered to be as main entries and of which, almost 50 % of the names are closely associated with city names like Leicester, Sutton, and Green.
  • An estimated of over 45,602 surnames added in the Oxford dictionary, more than 90 % are native to Britain and Ireland.
  • An estimated 8% of the names are a status name, which includes Webster, Franklin, etc.
  • An estimated 19% of the names are associated with nicknames like Fox, Goodfellow, and Mantel etc.
  • An estimated 23% of the names are relationship names, and they include Dawson, Edrich, and Phelps.

The research team on analyzing the fact assures that around 40,000 family names are closely associated with British and Irish names, whereas the other remaining can be barely traced from the immigrants who have settled from the time of 16th century to this date. Finally, the research team has assured the research has been conducted from the time of 11th century AD to 19th century and with help of innumerable journals from unpublished and even from some published sources as well.