The Types Of Paints You See In 9 building projects out of 10

The modern building project employ dozens of technologies, and nowadays paints play not only an aesthetic, but also protective role. Water-resistant paints represent one of the most widespread paint types for external use. These paints are well suited for the bathrooms, basements and ceilings to deal with high level of humidity. Unlike other types of materials, it lasts long, plus it can be refreshed without much effort and huge expenses.

Since the surface of the wall is porous, covering it with usual paints is quite a risky affair, because the pores accumulate water vapor, which will eventually evaporate, thereby, resulting to peeling and cracking of the material. Water-resistant paints (acrylic) have the ability to penetrate deep into the pores, preventing the surface from peel off from the substrate and don’t crack over time. When applying the paint keeping surface dry is essential to provide decent adhesion and essure sufficient water repellency. Thus, the water-resistant paints are not afraid of water due to a reliable coating, resistant to wet cleaning and allowing repainting without removing the previous layer. By purchasing this finishing material, you need to pay attention to its bacteriological features. With the presence of protective components, the paint can be well suited for painting of floors, walls and ceilings in rooms with high humidity. Some companies, like Britannia, concentrating their efforts on exterior wall coatings, offer fully eco-friendly products that pose no threat to human health.

Washable paint for the walls

These types are suitable for virtually all kinds of bases and primarily used in rooms with low humidity. This finishing material makes it easy to remove dirt from its surface, since it is composed of latex, creating a water-repellent film. In addition, it prolongs the life of the material plane, and protects it from moisture. The surface treated with washable paint can be cleaned with cleaners and detergents, as the paint does not come to them in a chemical reaction. This should be done with a cloth or a brush having soft bristles to prevent scratching. This type of coating material can be applied only once, without necessarily applying several layers. Thus, water-resistant and washable paint has waterproof properties, it dries quickly and allows the removal of contaminants from various types of painted surfaces. It should be remembered that after finishing work, the paint is well closed, because it can dry and store less than a year, since after this time it loses all its properties.

With water-based exterior paint. This material was used for the exterior coating with different materials: cardboard, wood, metal, concrete and others. Exterior paint has a unique palette, it has many advantages. So, it is high-tech, it can be applied as a roller or spray, because it has the ability to form a film with minimum temperatures. The structure of such a material includeS water (this ensures harmless and environmental friendlIness), so the paint dries quickly.